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Hello guys!!! do you want to know more about my family??? first let me introduce to you my fathers name mothers name and etc. my fathers name is Apolinario Nebria and my mothers name is Menerva Nebria, they have two siblings it's me and my sister. My sisters name is Jollivette Nebria, but mostly people call her JOVY. She's also studing in UJRS taking up TORRISM she's done already. It was painfull because after graduating she got married. Our life is just simple, somtimes we have an arguments or even sometimes misunderstanding, but we know it is just normal in the family. My mother is just a house wife actually she is a supervisor but her contract was already done, while my father is worker of a big company. Life is not that simple, you must have to sacrifice everything just for the good of your family. Even myself i am not that perfect but one thing i can give and that's LOVE for my family it's unlimited LOVe just for them!!!

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