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Hi! i'm Nebria, Mary Cris i am the daugther of Menerva and Apolinario Nebria. I have my sister(JOVY) she's already engage having a cute baby boy. Were just 2 i am still studying, 1styr. college taking up BSIT at the UNIVERSITY of SAN JOSE RECOLETOS. I'm enjoying to bond with other people most especially my close friends, i want to have more friends actually. I'm a good person, many says...hahaha!!! I love people who loves me and i also love people who hates me. I am not that bad,although other hates me but its already their choice i dont want to force somebody to love me back as i love them... CHAR!!!ajajaja... I am a happy go lucky person, I really like YELLOW color thats my favorite others may say that it's yaki!!!i dont care thats what i like so thats it...I dont want to problem my problem i want that my problem will problem me!!!ajajaja my motto is that,"EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED,HOPE FOR THE BEST AND PREPARE FOR THE WORST".Speaking of love life, i am not serious with it because i know it's not that easy to move on, but i really tried it, very much hurting. I really promise that i will not love again, but pasaway japon higugma nasad bisag nasakitan nah!!! ajajaja... I am a fighter person, i always fight in terms of DIFFICULTIES, TRIALS, and also HEARTACHES!!!That's Me!!!

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